Take your revenue to new heights
Euclid Revenue Cycle Management* offers world-class functionality, unparalleled user support, and operational analytics tools to help you to optimize your claims and billing processes.

Maximize your revenue while minimizing operational costs with Euclid RCM

Flexible and Configurable

Euclid seamlessly integrates into your workflows and requests for changes are often turned around in a matter of days.

Designed by Billing Pros

Euclid has been designed and built from the ground-up by operational experts, not by programmers who have never seen the outside of their cubicle walls.


Euclid’s subscription-based pricing model provides enterprise-class features, flexibility, and support at an affordable monthly cost.

See For Yourself

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Euclid RCM: Accelerate the Speed of Your Revenue Cycle

Proactive & Predictive

Go from revenue cycle management to a proactive and predictable revenue cycle

Robust Analytics

Built-in operational analytics tools empower you with the data you need to optimize your organization’s performance

Real World Experience

Tailored to your business, by a team that has lived in your world

Eligibility Testing

Prevent denials from occurring: comprehensive eligibility and claims testing

Claim Scrubbing

Have the confidence that claims are paid without multiple corrections and resubmissions

Integrated Clearinghouse

Built-in clearinghouse and integration with most payers and EHRs

Rapid Updates

Requests for software changes and enhancements are turned around in days, not months

Built by Experts

Designed and built by operational experts, not programmers

Our Customers Are Our Biggest Fans

This company provides excellent support and continuously adds new helpful features to the system.
It’s rare you come across a medical billing company like Euclid.

This company is ridiculously efficient when it comes to response time for trouble shooting, how to run reports or how to fix a mistake.

I find after 30+ years in this business and using over 10 different medical software systems this is my number 1 most annoying thing about medical billing companies. It takes 24 to 48 hours to get a return call. You will NOT find this issue with Euclid.

The cost to use this software is very fair and extremely helpful to a small billing service like mine.

My employees really like the colorful charts and information gathered. One employee said it makes the report seem cheerful.

The software is very easy to understand and use. The reports can be as specific as you need. Nothing is deleted without a trace which is good if you have several employees or clients.

I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for something cloud based, fairly priced and backed by excellent support.
The best cloud based product and support I have seen in the industry. My questions get addressed quickly and my claim denial has gone down significantly.
Euclid has absorbed my lab's growth so well that I don't have to add more staff.